Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Not again!

My very technically adept friend Pete has hooked me up to Skype and even had a remote workshop with me last night from NZ to get me sorted. Feeling confident and fiddly, i decided to open up my "address" to anyone as I could previously only accept calls from people on my address list. 1 hour after doing this I had a random, very difficult to hear phone call from someone in maybe Asia somewhere, and then I have just received a 'chat" message from a name I've never heard from " ......... MacLeod"???? Asking how I am (and using my name although my skype address doesn't include my name) freaky! I googled this person and found he may be a relative of Connor MacLeod (as in Highlander 1562) - even freakier, or another guy who sounds like he came from the same part of NZ as me and is about the same age? Maybe he's a high school stalker who has finally through the visibility of Facebook, blogs and Skype..,found me. If that's the case, he must be after my friend KT. They always were!

More later.
In the meantime, I'm back on Skype attempting to turn off whatever I just turned on!

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