Sunday, August 24, 2008

I did it!

I have many friends who compete in all sorts of events like Iron Man, Coast to Coast, marathons for a bit of fun, and as I mentioned a few posts ago, this was to be my year of doing an event or two (and getting over my phobia). So yesterday was the day of the13km Pub2Pub race - basically a soft sand beach run followed by a couple of nasty hills and 10 kms or so of road. I'd trained a bit, I had my ipod loaded, I had a lift there and back sorted, and I had my friend Mia (who did a cracking good time). And I did it! And it felt fantastic to be part of an event. I get it now! So I've already lined up the Sydney Harbour bridge run in a month and a small triathalon in October!
After the run we had a work lunch thingee to go to, and part of my strategy to make sure I actually finished the run was to tell a few people I was doing it. So we rocked up to this lovely lunch at some friends house and everyone asked how I got on, which was cool until I met a woman who does a 24km run at least once a week with a 50 year old friend at 4.30am in the morning. Sssh, ssh, I tried to say, shutting down all conversation that involved my little jog.
But I think for me and the people who know me, it wasn't about the distance or the training, it was about getting over the hurdle in my head about "competing" with other people, and that it's ok to do your own thing and run your own race.
The Husband took a photo as evidence (I'm in the white tshirt). If you can see (he forgot to zoom) there is a kid just ahead of me. He was about 11. Young legs I thought. My age does come in handy sometimes.

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