Friday, August 22, 2008

Two Mistakes

Gorgeous Flora has just come back from a visit to her home in Brazil and brought us all back some beautiful gifts. She gave me a lovely ornament, carefully carried in a towel to protect it, and she bought each of the boys a bottle of sand with their names in it and a scene - apparently some old guy on the beach makes them by sticking a stick in it and moving it around until voila, a piece of brazilian beach art. Flora had carefully carried each back in a towel. They were heavy and cumbersome.

So my first mistake was having a shower. And I should know that this mistake of having a shower has happened before with many instances of mischief or scraps happening during this time.

My second mistake was leaving these gorgeous bottles within Smith's reach. Smith loved his bottle and carried it carefully around when she gave it to him. I thought the bottle was safe. Wrong.

So I got out of the shower and saw Smith rolling something along the floor. To my horror I realised that he was rolling his sand bottle along the floor like a ball. And the sand drawing inside did not like this. Gone was his name and gone was the picture. Gutted, I then noticed Will's bottle had also had the same treatment, and he was eyeing Rafe's up as well.

I felt sick. In a flash (or a roll!) these bottles that had been made specially for my boys and carried all the way back from Brazil by Flora, were ruined.

I almost feel like I shouldn't post about this as I still feel sick and absolutely to blame.

Poor Flora.

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