Thursday, August 14, 2008

I know I'm living in a different country..

...when the only Olympic viewing available is Australian stuff - aussie swimming in particular - heats, replays of heats, finals, many replays of finals, awards ceremonies, maybe a bit of australian equestrian, a bit of australian beach volleyball, maybe some random snippets of other sports and other countries, but largely a very focused, extensive coverage of ...australian stuff. My Sister even texted me the other night to say "quick turn on the TV there is some kiwi rowers on", excitedly I left the boys mid story and milk to catch the last glimpse of black, before coming back to find milk on beds, jammies and crying boys - that will learn me! My American friend Kristin is having a worse time though (as lets face it, coverage of kiwis even in NZ is pretty sparse - especially kiwis doing well, let alone getting medals), and she said that even in the States they still see other sports and countries not just what the States are competing in. She said she even raved to her sister back home the other night for an hour about the indecency of it all!

Anyhow the extent of the parochialism was felt at Mia's fancy dress Olympic party I went to last weekend (which was so much fun - will try and find some photos!). Apart from a fellow kiwi, a couple of badminton players, The Husband and a horse rider, almost everyone else was in green and gold. Now this wasn't like the kind of gear you get from a fancy dress shop or new from a $2 shop especially for the event, but lovingly well worn stuff fresh from their wardrobes (apart from Mia in her lycra green and gold one piece - if she actually owned that then I'm not sure if I can continue our friendship).

I'm pretty positive I'll never go there. Where's my black jersey?

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