Sunday, August 17, 2008

Best Friend EVER

..or "Grain Waves Part 2"

A courier guy has just dropped a parcel off. It was light, it had familiar handwriting, and when I ripped into it there was a big green and gold packet of ....Grainey Mustard GRAIN WAVES. Yes!!!!!

So to all those who jokingly tsk, tsk 'ed my friend Sheree, redirect those tsk tsk's to me! I feel so guilty that I'm not sure if I can even eat the worlds most expensive packet of Grain Waves (inc $6.49 postage and a box).

Yes I feel stink.

Thank you dear friend.


  1. OK - yeah that was me - sorry Sheree!! - now you should try this with something else and you might get a continuous stream of packages - jersey caramels?

  2. God, jersey caramels! I love jersey caramels (although we can actually get them over here and I have been known to buy a large bag of wanna-be-jersey caramels from Big W and scoff them all by myself.)