Monday, October 13, 2008

Bugs #4

Summer in Sydney brings on a whole new challenge. Bugs coming out of hibernation and on the hunt for food. This year I have tried to anticipate the arrival by getting my house sprayed early, earlier that is than the first "viewing" of large black and beige cockrtoaches scampering across my floor in the middle of the night when I've gone for a drink or to sort one of the boys. I know that they are about as you see the occasional cockroach poo in the cupboard and you KID yourself that it is simple a stray spec of black pepper although why you'd have black pepper in the cupboards under your sink with all the dishclothes and cleaners beats me.

So yesterday the Pest Removal man came. I remember in Auckland when you saw a Pest Removal van outside a house you always though ...hmmm, they must have vermin, how totally gross, and if ever god forbid you needed a pest guy yourself, you were always tempted to get him to park a few doors away. Actually, small diversion, but would that have to be the second worse job ever????? Finding and killing rats? The first worse job of course, based on recent experiences HAS to be the poor sod who analyses poo, wee, "scrapings" and sputum samples at those labs - imagine looking forward to going to work on a Monday!

So Pest guy had 2 gigs for us, the first at the cockroach infested new house, second at our home. Now being particularly thorough, I emptied our pantry. Completely.

I have the worlds smallest pantry, yet I still shop like I'm at a Pack n Save and buy 5 boxes of weetbix, a 64 pack of toilet rolls etc etc which proves extremely challenging when it comes to putting it all away. My last shop was with the 3 boys and Will kind of went crazy asking to try different chips and biscuits. And because I was in Survival Mode with The Husband still overseas, my tried and trusted tactic was to say "yes" to almost all requests. So for a good hour on Sunday night, I emptied my cupboard for his 30 second spray. Then came the long, slow process of re-stuffing my shelves. But in my quest for a semi-organised life, I re-stuffed loose stuff into new plastic containers. Impressed?

Now the challenge is to keep it this way. Less incentive to eat though. I don't want to make a mess finding anything!

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