Saturday, October 4, 2008


I'm on Day 5 of a 5 day detox. It's only now I feel I can mention it without wanting to plunge myself into the depths of a can of diet coke. Fruit and veg for 2 days, meat, fruit and vege for the next 3. No snacks, butter, leftover chicken nuggets, nutragrain that dropped on the bench when pouring them out for the boys or coke. For those that know me, you'll know my relationship with diet coke has been long, loyal and committed. It's been tough. Yup the headaches rolled in quickly and sharply. Mornings and the prospect of fruit and a glass of warm water and lemon juice have been tough, snacking on celery and snow peas has been as tough. But dinners have been amazing - it's incredible what you can do without cooking with normal stuff. I'm so proud of myself I have to share a couple - baked kumara stuffed with courgettes, basil, peppers and mushrooms under the grill with coleslaw and orange juice dressing, steak with chargrilled vegetable ratatoulle in orange juice....I'm actually quite inspired! Hard parts - no wine, no carbs, no DIET COKE, "Colon Cleanse" stuff - and that I will spare you more details, put it this way, I was glad when that part was done. Hardest part - No Husband. (away on a work trip for a couple of weeks)
The verdict - I feel ok, not necessarily fabulous, just kind of normal (although hungry), I've probably lost a smidge of weight, although am already planning the glorious ways of putting it back on, which absolutely involves my big bag of Grain Waves. And would I do it again? Hmm, maybe, but I'll definitely keen on the healthy line on the cooking front. A total revelation! My first detox, almost officially over :)

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