Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Old Friends

When I had Will, I didn't get involved in a mothers group but a couple of us from our antenatal class hooked up and for the first few years of our children's lives, became very firm buddies, so much so that when we left Wellington to shift to Auckland, they came to the airport unexpectedly to say goodbye and there were lots of tears from us watching the kids hug. Time went on, more babies and the occasional trip down south meant we still kept in touch, and in fact when I was in hospital cramping with chronic diarreaha from the laxative the midwife gave me to prevent the chronic constipation I normally get with babies, Jo made a huge effort to leave wedding celebrations and pop in to the hospital and see me in my warts and all state.

Some friends are just stayers, and Jo is one of these people. She perseveres with me, tolerates the gaps in our friendship, then makes contact again. She is such a good person in every sense of the word. And also she represents such a nice period of my life, I just had Will, life was a smidge easier, motherhood was a revelation and I had two new friends Jo and Chrissie to help find our way and work things out together.
So Jo called me after maybe a 9 month "break" the other day, I called her back and we just picked up where we left off.
I'm lucky to have friends like Jo.
And she asked for photos of my boys, as as normal I said, I don't quite know how to make them small enough to send but said I'd post some on my blog.
So hi Jo, here's the boys!

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  1. Wow love, just read this for the second time and realised the first time I didn;t leave a comment, but you are still a very special friend who I think of often and our wonderful start to motherhood! Even though I'm slack and leave comments years later!

    Look forward to chatting soon as I'm no good at blooging!! Love me