Thursday, October 16, 2008

Work Stuff

So what's been going on with the business? I am now rolling towards my almost 1 year anniversary and as of last friday have been passed onto my 3rd project manager. My last one has unfortunately just left to go overseas and knowing this, both her and I went on a mammoth burst of work and productivity to get as far as long as possible. She was good, we made great in roads together and were on the same page. So now, I have to build up an understanding and confidence again with someone new. It's ok. We're over the hump and almost there. But I've been sulking this week and feeling a bit flat and disappointed. Also the New Similar Business that I mentioned a while ago, has got legs, looks fabulous and achingly similiar to my website. Disappointed! They are launching very soon so I'm going to regroup for a moment, see what it looks like when it launches and where our differences and similiarities are, then move forward from there. I've even started to think about an Australian launch as well or instead of. And as both our sites are about giving and doing good, it's not a "competitive" environment - the more options people have to give, the better.

And of course, with the whole objective of my site being about encouraging people to give, the market is just not playing ball. Who has surplus at the moment? Although ironically, the number of those who need will be increasing. Tough times for this fledgling philanthropic business on many fronts!

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