Tuesday, December 2, 2008


A website has just alunched which is almost identical (although much better) to the one I am just about to sign off as complete. Darnit.
What now?
www.givealittle.co.nz is the site. Looks good and comprehensive. It's a profit making venture with venture capitalist funding of many 10's of thousands. But that doesn't matter. It's here.
Hmmm? Anyone know a home for a brand spanking new website?
Maybe Australia?


  1. In the interests of giving a little - how can it be a profit making venture? Where does their profit come from. Surely a not for profit is a better bet. Don't give up!!

  2. I know, I know but NZ, pop 4m is just too small for 2 very similiar websites and concepts. The Husband was very philosphical encouraging chat about combining forces, taking over the world, all I wanted to do was put my head in the sand, fold my basket of washing and watch Project Runway. When feeling stink, it's amazing what a good reality show can do!

  3. I'm thinkin' you need to get out there, and fast!

    I don't think it's better than yours.

    Another thought - if the aim of what you are doing is to Give Back, then perhaps the more ways people can Give Back the better??

    Not sure that helps any :-(

  4. I agree with KT, it isn't better than your one. Also, the reason for starting this is to give people a vehicle for giving back. Yours still does that, so does this one. If people are going to give back the more the merrier. You did not set this up to make a profit, but to give back. So get out there and give back:)