Sunday, December 7, 2008


What are the things that kind of generally disappoint you in life?
I'm not really talking about the sort of things like when you've just built a website and then someone else launches a similar and better one before you. No, this is more like the kind of mundane, everyday disappointing things.
Like tonight, The Husband had picked up a takeaway (after he had not even tried to soften the blow when I suggested I cook pasta - nup, he didn't want anything I'd cooked tonight), and ate his earlier surrounded by madness of the boys pre-bedtime chaos. "I'll wait", I thought"when everyone is in bed, I'll have a nice dinner with the sunday paper and a bit of peace and quiet". So what do I do? As I'm cleaning up the boys pasta off plates, floors and chairs, I get a fork, and OUT OF THE CONTAINER, start eating WHILE STANDING. Half a pad thai later I figured I'd just had my dinner. Disappointed. I call this The-Eating-Dinner-Accidently disappointment and it happens frequently when cleaning up kids nuggets/noodles/sausages after dinner (and accidently eating so many leftovers that you realise you've just had dinner)
The After-An-Event-You've-Been-Looking-Forward-To-For-Ages disppointment is also a good one. You know the feeling when you've been looking forward to something and then the next day, you realise it's over and you frantically kind of think about the next things you've got to look forward to? That happens constantly in my world.
The Just-Finished-A-Good-Book disappointment. I always feel a little lost, a little sad and a little disappointed when it's over.
Aaah, how about The-End-Of-A-Really-Good-TV-Series disapointment, I've been watching Top Chef (Monday night) and Project Runway (Wednesday night) for ages and we are down to like the last 6 contestants. What happens after the winner is announced (and they do the Top Chef/Project Runway Reunion/Bloopers programs?). Yup, disappointment.
How about The Just-Typed-An-Entire-Email-With-The-Caplock-Accidently-On disappointment. Tempting as it is to hit send, you just know you need to retype it, and it takes ages.
And lastly, does anyone ever have The Forgot-You-Took-The-Sheets-Off-The-Bed-Until-Going-To-Bed disappointment - another regular in my house. Just as you turn off the TV, check the boys and head to bed, you see the unmade bed, the slightly cold/damp sheets still on the clothes line, and all the crap/clothes/coat hangers/kids toys you found behind the bed all lying on top of the mattress. And it's usually a Sunday night too.
Any others we can add to this list?

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  1. - and the 'what was I thinking?' on-line purchase that never quite lives up to its description - or does it? Yes you know what I mean!!