Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Present Imbalance

This happened to me last year and goddamn, it's happened again! Our lovely neighbours last year gave the boys presents at christmas time. Now I'm only just getting used to the notion of having lovely neighbours as we never have before. So I was surprised, embarassed and mortified all at the same time when they came across with presents. I stumbled something like "I'm sorry, I haven't got your kids anything", and she went "no worries, they're only cheapies from Big W" (which they weren't). So this year, I planned early and got a combined present for her boys and a present for the family. I was sensible - I couldn't spend more on my neighbours than I would our own families, and besides we're almost in a recssion and are cutting back. But when we swapped gifts, she had a present for each of my boys that were heavy and large. I know now that we have present imbalance again.
I guess christmas is a time for giving, but how about those who haven't given as much?

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