Thursday, December 11, 2008

Online Mistakes

My friend Kate is special to me for so many reasons, but her wit and her ability to hit things eloquently and succinctly on the button are two of her more endearing qualities. So of course in my previous post about "disappointments", she came up with the most perfect disappointments....the bad e-bay/Trade Me purchase. We ALL know about these. Kate's online purchase mistake is a beauty but I'm sworn to secrecy in case her husband was ever to find out about it (or anyone else who could have a chuckle at her expense for that matter). Just to give a taste of a couple of my own... the "leather" boots that were not only vinyl, didn't fit me, were obviously pre-loved and looked like they came from "The Uber-Cheap-Crappy-Shoe-Warehouse". Lesson: don't buy shoes online. The red leather chair (during my online chair purchase phase - I bought 4 chairs and 1 couch). Not only was this vinyl (again) but it was a horrible shape and bloody awkward to pick up - I drove miles to find some very, very bad, extremely grotty second hand shop, where a dodgey man and I manouevred this chair into my car. I knew it wasn't a keeper as soon as I saw it, but the power of online shopping is...well, tough shit. So as soon as I was home, and The Husband glanced at it and didn't even bother commenting, a new photo was taken and a red vinyl chair was relisted. The rusty handmower that didn't turn... there are so many, honestly, I think I am the queen of online purchase mistakes, which I'm sure is why Kate suggested this.
Anyone else have any good'uns????

nb: this post may seem a bit shabby but I have written it with a 5 year old screaming in my ear about how he can't put his clothes on and that he doesn't want that "job" anymore. It's going to be a long day. Maybe a spot of online shopping could be the order of the day.

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