Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I blamed yesterdays headache on the fact I hadn't drunk enough water, now that water is my drink of choice after beating my diet coke demon (33 days and still on the wagon). But the reality is more sinister. My Diet Coke Demon has a friend and his name is The Jersey Caramel Demon. He is not the constant presence in my life like my Diet Coke freind, but more an occasional visitor, who arrives without warning (usually preceded by a trip to Big W), and who settles in for a short, intense stay. He takes the form of a bag of either Plain Brand if I'm feeling bad about myself and choose to have a bad unsatisfying jersey caramel experience (to punish myself for succumbing), or if I'm feeling indulgent and deserving, then he arrives as a bag of juicy, fresh, soft big label delights.

So yesterday was a bad sign, two successive weeks of trips to Big W with two successive visits by my Jersey Caramel Demon has set an ugly and scary precedent.

I'm now on the Jersey Caramel Wagon.

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  1. Is that a photo of the left-overs? Don't take away all your vices - do you have any left? Apart from surfing trashy websites...