Friday, February 13, 2009

Wildlife No 6

Never in Auckland would I have found a baby lizard in my kids beds. Never. Getting Smiths bed ready tonight I noticed a small black toy thingee in his bed, but in my heart of hearts I knew it wasn't one of his many spiders and bugs that he actually does take to bed with him. And as I tapped the bed around the toy, it transformed from a plastic toy into a baby lizard which then took off and ran under the sheets. Knowing this was a two person job, I summonised The Husband who initially annoyed, saw my face, the can of flyspray and knew there was an incident.

We, ok, he, managed to catch it and set it free outside (flyspray doesn't even kill some of the spiders over here let alone small animals - I had it more as a security blanket).
But it got me thinking.
That baby lizard must have a family, it looked too young to be on its own.
Where are they now?

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