Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dog Poo

I thought my blog yonks ago about rissoles was as low as I could scoop (tee hee) on my blog, but give me a small break, I'm just finding my writing boots again after my summer hiatis and I'm still feeling a tad random.
So I freely admit, I'm not a dog lover, but this morning, driving home from school, I saw something that tipped me over the edge. Why do people have dogs? As I was driving, I saw a big "police dog" dog (Ok, I know they have an official dog name but can't find it in the memory banks) being walked by it's owner and as I passed, it squatted and did what can only be described as a big, stinky dog diarrhoea. Totally disgusting. And then the dog owner bent down with her plastic bag. Are you kidding me? Can you imagine what she had to do to sort it out? Why put yourself through this? Ok so dogs may have oodles of personality and are "man's companion" or whatever but really we ALL know how stinky dog poo is and I can't imagine how bad her hand must have smelt if there is only a smidge of cheap black plastic between her hand and the poo. Actually maybe all dog owners can be spotted by raw red poo scooping hands from the constant scalding water and soap routine they have to do.
My neighbour has a dog (who incidentally poo'ed on our front lawn, and I flat out refuse to move it as The Husband is Director of Dog Poo, along with his other directorships of boys teeth extraction and vermin removal) and the other day she stood chatting to me after her walk with Jaffa the dog, and a bulging black plastic bag. She stood chatting for ages. Did she think it was socially ok to hold a bag of poo while having a conversation or has her sense of smell and grossness long left her?

Enough. Next post will be intellectually challenging and informed. No more dog poo stories.

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