Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Home Alone

Today is my second day of having 3 children in school or kindy. 2nd real day in ...8 years, excluding when I worked as that time alone at my desk at the bank simply didn't count. So Day 1, I spent a quick 30-40 minutes catching up with all the goss on my trashy websites. No! This is simply not going to happen. I have broken the diet coke addiction (3 weeks 4 days without a sup, yessirree), I can also break the trashy website addiction. So I whizzed to a different, further away mall and raced around with a long list of things I wanted to look at or buy. "Slow down little lady..." I said to myself "I don't need to do it ALL at once". After an unsatisfactory mall trip (although I had some very good sushi as a treat), I raced home to do the school/kindy pickups.
Today, Day 2, time to get motivated and moving, get purpose, deliver some stuff. So after another 30 mins on my trashy sites (I am climbing on that wagon tomorrow - I gotta have some vices), I started to do stuff, randomly and without purpose. But at least I'm not shopping. And I do have my running gear on.

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