Thursday, January 29, 2009


I seem to post more about this wee guy than my other two fellas but those that know Rafe will understand why... I always say to my boys that I love them all the same but for different reasons, and Rafe's reasons are many and varied. So tomorrow (Friday) my Rafe starts school and of course, I'm worried, excited, traumatized, every parent with a child starting school tomorrow is.

I had a bad birth with Rafe and my hospital midwife didn't help, she was grumpy and told me off for being too loud (!!!) and pathetic (my words). She also hapened to be Olympian Sarah Ulmer's mum, and even though I'm a fan of hers, I certainly wasn't of her mum! So good labour turns bad and I'm off to surgery where the lovely doctors handed our Rafe to The Husband. My arms weren't working (although my thirst was - I would have killed for a fanta (!) - with Will it was "Jungle Juice" - do they even make that any more?). And eventually our beautiful boy made it back to Sarah Ulmer's grumpy mother's arms. She then did the most amazing thing that redeemed all her grumpiness in a heart beat.

She placed my baby boy cheek to cheek with me. Instantly as I felt his dry, warm and baby soft skin connected to mine a little electric current zizzed between us. In that moment our love story began.

So you can see that it's not easy giving him up, even if it is for a few hours each day to a new exciting world.

He's just my Rafe.