Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What Do You Make of This?

Just a quickie, I applied for a job last week...blah, blah...won't get into it here, but didn't hear anything back so thinking "keen is good" I contacted them again to follow up. Here's the e-mail I just got....

Thanks for your follow-up. We have now received 90 applications and have not under the circumstances had resources to get back to everyone.
I can inform you that at this stage you are not under consideration. However, we have not appointed anyone either.
I will certainly keep you informed once a decision is reached.

What do you make of that? He sent this almost as soon as he got my e-mail, did he skim read my 10 page CV, or does he not like my "keenness".
It's a no and naff off message isn't it?

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