Monday, March 2, 2009


I have just put a new pix of myself up, courtesy of a wedding photographer at Andrew and Lana's gorgeous wedding.

Anyhow, I suddenly realised that...sigh...I'm starting to look like my mother. Is it just a reality of life that eventually, even though we try our hardest (in my case) to stop it happening, we turn into our mothers? Now those of you that know my mother will be thinking..
has Lisa started drinking at 2.30pm in the afternoon (no!), is she creating a food issue with her children by refusing to eat anything (not a chance), is she dissatisfied and sad with her life (absolutely not), (The Sister will kill me for those comments), but no, it's some of my mum's quirkiness that seems to be coming through. The Sister and I both LOVE the weather, and our Mum used to tell us about the sky and get excited when there was a storm coming - she really needed to do a stint in Brisbane or Sydney to satisfy that love. She loved shells, stones and driftwood and rambling along a beach looking for stuff, and I love doing that too. She loved art, especially contemporary stuff, and The Sister and I have definitely got that part of her as well. Now that my Mum has gone, I feel it's my responsibility to keep her memory alive for my boys (and The Husband who never met her) so I talk about lots of good memory stuff.
But it's interesting to think that really it's just a matter of time before some bits you inherit from your parents seem to sneak up on you and it takes a dear friend or sibling to snip the bad bits in the bud before they burrow in. The Sister and I are very good at that and can stop each other in our tracks with a withering.."you sound JUST like Mum".
Anyhow, if you read between the lines there is plenty of material when it comes to my Mum. But a snippet folks is all you'll get. However if you want to see her (as she may have looked in her VERY EARLY 40's, albeit with a perm and a ciggie in lieu of the bubbles - actually, keep the bubbles in there as well), then have a look at my photo.
And have a think about the good parts of your Mum coming through in you. One thing I learnt from my Mum is how to grow thick skin and not be a victim.
In fact, I think that The Sister and I turned out pretty bloody fabulous not only in spite of our Mum, but because of her as well.


  1. Wow - another awesome photo!

  2. Ta honey, what can I say...professional photographer!