Sunday, May 31, 2009

Given Up on Me Yet?

Gad, I'm here , I'm not, what am I doing??? Well I'm actually busy for a change. I'm doing an awesome online writing course (with homework), that I'm squeezing in between my actual writing, as well as spending about a zillion hours and dollars at the dentist (that will learn me for not having gone to the dentist for about 10 years - I have a clean slate now, as well as almost exceptionally excellent teeth!!!). Anyhow free time that doesn't involve children, teeth, training, house stuff or writing have been scarce. But hang in there, I haven't even begun to bore you about Vietnam, although I have some awesome photos from our new flashy camera to show you! Also if you're interested in checking out a new blog I've started for our Oxfam walk then go to and check that out weekly where I'll update on any walks we've been doing. Become a follower, even maybe make a donation and we'll love you forever!!!

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