Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm Back

Vietnam. What an amazing trip. I'm officially back and have a heap of stories to share, but no this isn't a travel blog so I'll cut to the chase and keep them relatively free of all that kind of stuff. The Husband and I had an awesome time, we travelled like backpackers, we tried all the local foods, drank heaps of Bier Hoi's, meet some great people, walked and walked and walked, drank heaps of water, didn't get run over by the zillions of motorbikes and got home safely to our happy and healthy boys. My second day back now, with bags to be unpacked, e-mails to catchup on and training to start again for Oxfam. I have a slightly dicky tummy, but could put that down to umm, maybe the icecubes in a glass of lime tea we had on a street cafe (think tiny plastic stools, even tinier table, a sea of vietnamese students, motobikes and me and The Husband in the middle of it), no matters, it's nice to be home! Stay tuned, got some good yarns to share.....

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