Monday, August 17, 2009

A learning

Maybe once a week I have one of those mornings (and they generally are always mornings) where I lose the plot, usually completely. Are you hearing me? Normally the morning has been going only averagely with the battle to get homework done and uniforms on is losing against the other temptations for my kids. I like to think my morning routines work for us but really I think I could do better. So the niggle I'm feeling, starts getting incrementally worse, until pushed over the edge by a sock that won't go on straight, I explode, and then there is no turning back. And Will, who has the most similar personality to me usually reacts as well and then, on. Generally by the time my kids are dropped off, we're all feeling a little battle weary, a bit sad and very apologetic. After a bit of self-flaggelation about how useless I am as a parent and that I don't want to turn into my mother, I promise to myself once calm has been restored that I will be the best mum ever and this will never, ever happen again. These "events" normally happen on a Thursday with potential for explosions heightened due to Smith's swimming lesson (which he hates). He knows it's coming and starts the "no swimming" chant as soon as he wakes, followed by a decent old battle to get him out of PJs and into real clothes. And what makes it worse (or actually better) is that at swimming, Smith swims with a lovely wee girl who has got the most saintly, wonderful mum, who claps and calls out encouragement with absolute sheer delight. She revels in her little girl and is just amazing and inspirational to watch. As I put my mag away I'd bought to read, I can clap and cheer along with her, I try and tell myself "she's only got one, she doesn't have an 8 year old, she doesn't have boys...." until I admit my failings to myself and promise myself I will be more like her, and if I feel like exploding I will think of the rapture on her face when watching her little girl in the water.
Some people come into your world for a reason.

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