Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Has it been a almost a last month since I last wrote? Crikey, sorry that I got so sucked up into my Oxfam blog - that kind of became me for months and really I couldn't get past it and the build up to that amazing event. However now that it's over my dear friend Sheree gave me a nudge - time to start writing again. I was like - but nothing interesting is going on, I'm just so uninteresting at the mo. She gave me the "get going girlfriend" kind of shove and here I am again. I'm back. I'm refocusing. I have projects. Oxfam Trailwalker is over and I promise to redirect all my writing energies into this blog again rather than my trailwalker one.

And here's the thing. The revelation. I got off the phone from Sheree and thought to myself that every time I talk to Sheree or see her, I'm reminded of why she is one of my best friends - she is funny and we laugh and we talk about important stuff, and she knows me and I know her. These types of friendships are pure gold. And I am so lucky to have this with her.

Thanks babe. (oh and the sunglasses and head thing are not normally part of Sheree wardrobe - only when she's helped drink many bottles of wine as was the case that night!)

I'm back.


  1. Ha! - bet you wish you hadn't given her that nudge Sheree, don't worry - I hardly recognised you!! Welcome back.....

  2. Just as well you've been friends for a long, long time or else Sheree might deck you the next time she see's you, Sister !