Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I've got about a zillionth of a second before I start the school runs, but promising a new start to my blogging ie. do it more, I've been thinking....
Here's my thoughts - uh oh, this is going to take longer than I think, I'll go do the school run and come back soon.

Is this turning into me twittering via a blog, even though I have signed up for twitter and still don't know how to use it.

Leaving you on a reflective note (and I will be back to this soon) - is it time for a little less humourous personal incidents and my own and my friends/family expense (sorry Sheree should have thought about this before posting that not so flattering picture - Sheree, by the way folks, is the "peter pan" of my group of friends - she still looks the same age as we think we do, and her skin is amazing - there ya go babe, sorry about the headband shot)...and time for a bit more serious stuff, a bit of whimsy and a bit of personal stuff as well?
What do you think

perhaps a relaunch of givingback girl - new look, new focus, new material - it's bug season soon and you know you'll be inundated with "wildlife" stories - especially as this year we're not spraying our house as we're likely to be moving, and the normal stuff but a bit more readable material - you know I go quiet when not much is going on...how's about I fill the quiet patches with some other stuff???

Righto, I'm late now.....
More soon

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