Sunday, October 11, 2009

School Holidays

I have had a tough week. notice how my blogging good intentions suddenly disappeared immediately after outing them! First of all some house guests arrived and unexpectedly stayed a while, which would have been fabulous/awesome had it not coincided with the school holidays and the arrival of Sydneys winter (at the start of October and the school holidays) which resulted in House Bound Fever for all. Then The Husband had a sudden and very sad rushed trip back to NZ which would normally have meant a week of toast and crap TV for me, as well as late night Eclipse reading marathons. However with the house guests unexpectedly staying longer, this couldn't happen, although I was introduced to the joys of Grand Design so it wasn't a completely lost cause. However with my angst building as a result of the change in my routines and all these people around (ok, they may have all been family including my 3 perfect babies) but they are still people. So I did the maths. In 10 days I had been on my own (not including sleep) for 2 hours. And this was for 2 jogs so it doesn't count as quality time. I needed a break and quickly before I imploded resulting in a massive public and messy explosion. How grateful was I when my last remaining house guest left, leaving me and the boys and the mess to ourselves. That night I jubilantly sat in front of hours of crap TV eating icecream, luxuriating with a hot water bottle and Eclipse in bed that night. And this weekend with The Husband home and realising the state I was in (well he had had a few days with the house guests too) I had a number of hours alone, wandering malls aimlessly, trying on clothes I'm too old for, and generally feeling a little old and fat. But I banked it, I was alone and that was the objective. Today, Monday, a new week, just me and my boys, still mostly in our PJs. I am a new woman. I love the school holidays.

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