Monday, October 12, 2009

The Change

For some reason I seem to have one of those come-out-of-nowhere-stay-forever-big-gross pimples. In fact I'll call it a spot, as it doesn't sound quite as gross or pus'y (that's a hard word to write believe me, that is if it is a word?). It's the kind of spot that has made the kids look twice at my face, and with their god love'em brutal honesty, ask "what's that?" It's the kind of spot that has made me glad to stay at home and if I need to go out, has made me layer the evidence in pan cake thick makeup to miminise my trauma (and you know how attractive a big suspiciously raised blob of foundation on only one part of your face looks).

I've no idea where it's from? I haven't been eating greasy food..much. I'm not going through puberty, my hands are clean...I'm not overly stressed (hmm, maybe apart from the week I've just mentioned in the previous post). What else can cause a big influx of hormones into your body that results in large unslightly spots? Surely not.....the change...???!!! Because I am simply FAR too young for that. Far too young. Although last night I became uncharacterstically warm for a few moments. A HOT FLUSH!!!!!!???

So I was putting the kids to bed and Will had a super greasy face from the pile of extremely healthy 2 Minute Noodles he'd eaten - ok, I know it's the school holidays and I should have more time and inclination to cook nice meals for the boys. So shoot me. I said that he needed to wash his face because having a greasy face may mean that he could get pimples. Like mine. And there, I confronted it, using it, pointing to it, forcing my eldest to look at it. As quick as a flash, he was out of bed scrubbing his face.
There, not all a lost cause.

ps. I was trying to find an image of a large gross pimple to put with this post but believe me, you wouldn't have wanted to experience what I did when searching! You should all thank me.

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