Sunday, January 10, 2010

Another bad Facebook experience

I got ridiculously excited a couple of days ago when I searched on Facebook for some random guy I used to work with a zillion years ago, and found him and all his friends which included many people I also used to work with. Now as this guy used to be my boss I thought I'd better do a quick scan to make sure he had friends at my "pleb" level not just at the "exec" level. All good! I did one of those inocuous kind of "howdy stranger, wanna be my friend" friend invites to him and sat and waited for his confirmation. And waited. And waited. "Aaah well" I thought "even though he has 276 friends he may not be the Facebook type". But only a matter of hours later I saw he'd confirmed someone else as his friend. Still no response for my invite though. So I have bundled this into the "Awaiting confirmation" file along with a couple of other yet-to-be-confirmed friends.
I call this kharma for the time I accepted a Facebook invite from someone I barely knew, who sent me guardian angels and who I discreetly erased as my friend two years later.
What comes around.

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