Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 4

Fact: Attempting to complete 2 x boy's homework in one day, preparing 5 x dinners, filling in health/rental documents while watching Project Runway will result in the evening finishing very, very late...ok, that is not my fact for the day. But it easily could be!

So today...a historic healthcare bill was passed in the US, what was it all about?

The US Healthcare Reform Bill is a massive $940 billion overhaul of the US health system with immediate impact over areas such as health insurance, coverage for health for the uninsured, subsidy provision and the target of having everyone covered by some form of health insurance by 2014. Why so historic? Hmm, my words here - it looks like it was a major step for Joe Average voter, and that the reforms will help the little guys with a bit of a Robin Hood effect (ie more taxes at the high end to pay for the thing). It will provide health coverage for all which based on watching those E.R type of hospital programmes where the blue collar workersguys with an arm missing from an industrial accident get turned away coz they haven't got insurance, won't be happening any more.

All in all, worth postponing a trip Down Under for I'm guessing!

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