Monday, March 22, 2010


Our neighbours house is getting pulled down. As I type. We are good friends with our neighbours and we are really, really excited for them and the fact they are building their new dream home. But...can you hear my pain. Glass shattering, hinges being ripped, constant banging. And getting rid of the asbesto will come after this (!). Our house is only a metre or two from theirs, literally. With no fence between the two, which worked perfectly when our kids would run in between each others houses. But now, hmmm, not so good. It's making me cranky and unproductive.
And yes, there is a reason for putting a photo of me here 1) it shows a happy me to remind me of happier, more peaceful times and 2) look just beyond the pool and you can see the neighbours roof. Nice and close eh!

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  1. - and is that a bottle of wine on the table - that should help a bit!