Monday, March 22, 2010


I make no apologies, I really am a very nice person but I don't do dogs, never have and probably never will. Fact is I like cats. I am a cat person. I don't do dogs.
So we are looking at shifting (see my earlier post?)and have been looking around at many potential rental properties to shift to. A month or so ago, we looked at a property, it was immaculate in every sense of the word, no shiz anywhere to speak of, no papers, no misplaced socks, no pile of newspapers on the floor, no nothing on the bench AT ALL. It was perfect as only I can dream of. I'm not sure how people can live like that, but apparently these people were. But here's the thing. It had a dog. Evidenced by a spotless dog food bowl, kennel and ....crap all over the back lawn. Piles of the stuff. It was a Off the Leash dog park without the black plastic bags for scooping up fresh poo. What's that about? Spotless inside/dog toilet out.

And another one. The boys and I had just pulled up in the car somewhere when a woman walking her dog stopped on the grass literally right beside us, and her dog had a massive crap right beside our car, which she then proceeded to scoop up (with her hand encased in a black plastic bag, not much protection for my liking, you know how bad dog poo smells). There was stunned silence in our car as the boys had all witnessed this scene. "
And that boys", I concluded, "Is why we will never have a dog"

No more dog poo stories for a bit. Sorry to all my dog loving friends.

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