Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 22

Even though it is small and we're ready for a change, the house we've been renting since we arrived in Sydney has a lovely, hmmm, aura and energy to it.  It has a nice calm feel, although possibly not at 8.50am on school mornings when the middle son is standing naked looking for his clothes that are right at his feet and we should have left for school 5 minutes ago.  That's not so zen like.
My theory is that the house has this little mirror thingee at the front entrance as you can see in my pics, and it also has budhas and zen like plants up a walkway, all very feng shui channelling.  So I thought I'd dig a little deeper.

In Feng Shui, mirrors are powerful deterrents of negative energy and poison arrows. The small octagonal Bagua mirror can be used in a location outside your home to repel or "push back" negative energy that might be coming towards the building. This eightsided symbol is very beneficial since its power comes from the trigrams which are arranged on each side of the eight sides. It is only used outside the front door of a house due to it's power.

Our little mirror was above the door of our house when we first arrived.  I'll be soon buying another and putting it above the door of our new house.  Interesting huh!

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  1. It does have a great feel. I'm sorry Iona sat on said zen-like buddha and, y'know, broke it. Karma. It's coming to get her ;-) (Going to buy myself a little mirror thing...)