Friday, April 16, 2010

The Sister

My poor sister cops a lot from me in my blog.  This is not intentional and not even fair.  She doesn't deserve to be a target for me trying to be funny, and I apologise completely, honestly and with much love.  I love that she reads my stuff and I think she's blimmin hilarious when she comments back.  She's like that weird blue hatted puppet on that dreadful Hey Hey It's Saturday programme that has just come back on (ok, I'm a kiwi but really, WTF?).  You know the puppet thing I'm talking about that keeps popping up with little witty sayings and you never see it's face.  Well that's my sister's role on my blog.  She keeps me real, she keeps me honest and she puts me in my place if I step over the line.  Seriously in every business there is a Quality Control department, right?  Well The Sister is that to me on my blog.

And outside my blog she kind of does the same.  And more.  Because my sister is the only person I know who is like me, we have the same laugh, voice and handwriting,  she's someone who I can talk ghost stories with, who tolerates my pillow tossing (ok, stretching the truth again), who has come from the same "place" as me, and who gave birth to my adored niece and nephew.  She keeps me real.  We have so much fun together.  We have the same sense of humour.  We have the same sensitivities.  I genuinely look forward to our phone chats when we are in the same "zone" and we can blither on for hours about incredibly important and funny stuff that has both our husbands rolling their eyes in the background (although we truly know that they secretly think we're very, very funny).

Anyhoo, this is just a little hand slapping by myself to myself to not cross the line and mock The Sister too much.  True, there are many things she needs to repent for (like telling me I was adopted, and for whispering horror stories to me when sharing a bed at our grandparents dark, scary house, and for telling Mum and Dad, she'd look after me when they went out at night, only to scamper as soon as the car had turned the corner) but you know what, the blog isn't the time and place for payback.  I'll find other ways.

Sorry Sister.

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