Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 25

I have a sea of boxes in my study and a house of stuff to pack.  Last time we shifted it was the rolls royce relocation shift where everything is packed for you and lovingly wrapped in tissue with ribbon, this time it's the "smell-of-a-greasy-rag" shift otherwise known as the "do-bloody-everything-all-by-yourself" shift.  So I have taped and packed a few boxes but I'm not quite sure how to make up the box and how to fold it.  Unfortunately the boxes I'm experiementing with, I've put heavy books in, and I have this image of a big burly pacific island removal guy (no offence intended, it's just the image I have), picking up these boxes on shifting day and having the bottom collapsing and books falling in a heap on the ground at his feet.

So what is the optimal way to fold a box?

The best way of taping a box begins with folding the flaps of the box properly. Instead of the very common and less practical method of folding the flaps one on top of the other, the most optimal method is to fold the shorter flaps into each other, followed by the longer flaps. This is when you will tape the box tightly, along the long flaps, with at least two strands of tape, one after the other. Make sure the tape holds tightly and the box should be good to go.

You know what, I'm not actually sure if I have answered my question.  I have been on google, youtube, wikipedia, but this might be the first time I am stumped, because the answer above I think is for how to close a box, not how to make one up from scratch.  Hmmmm

Back to my boxes....

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