Friday, April 30, 2010

Wild Goose Chase

Today I went on a mission in search of that ever so elusive "Perfect Jean".   I have thought many times that I have found "The One" only to realise in the cold harsh light of reality that my legs don't look slimline and fabulous and yet again I have been tricked by some cruel twist of unnatural store lighting and mirror trickery.  I am short.  I have (sigh) hockey player legs (former husband's words, not mine) that actually can blimmin well help me stand on a surf board many times over the first time I ever tried - that's what solid thighs are capable of.  But sadly this unfortunate physical combination do not make for a happy end to my Perfect Jeans Story.  Its not all that bad.  I can look ok in jeans with a 12inch heel that elongate my leg.  But they're bloody hard to walk in.  Especially after a couple of wines.  I just suck it up thinking "looking this fabulous and, well, elongated, must come at a price, and walking comfortably for more than 100 metres is so over rated".
So today I drive across town in search of a different size that I had found at another shop.  Aside; if it was for a smaller size I would have said "so I drove across town as I needed the much smaller size in that jean".  And once I found a carpark, and the shop, and the jeans, it was all a bit deflating as I didn't look fabulous and no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't make them work.
"These simply are NOT the Perfect Jeans" I thought, rationalising all the things that were wrong with them.  In fact when I tried the potential Perfect Jeans on in a different colour, I had the uneasy feeling that I already had a pair of these in my wardrobe.
Then the realisation.  It wasn't the jeans that weren't perfect. 
It was me.

Have you ever found a perfect pair of jeans?

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  1. We are all perfectly imperfect and of course not, the perfect jeans do not exist!!! It is soul destroying to expect to find them, I gave up long ago :-)

    ok must remove broccoli now xx