Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 29

We are shifting from a house we have rented for the last 3 and a half years, 21/2 years of which had a 12 foot trampoline gracing a small 12ft plot of skanky half dead grass.  Which is now completely dead.  Our bond inspection is coming up in 3 weeks after we have shifted and my focus apart from packing and surviving in an achingly messy house, is now getting that bond back.  I'm sure I'll bore you all rigid with my stress over this in the next few weeks.  However, getting a head start, I decided to attempt to grow some grass after we dismantled the trampoline in the weekend.

So how do you grow grass (in autumn and in a short period of time) - and these are my words, not someone elses advice so follow at your own risk.

First, clear the plot of any dead leaves, possum poo, and lolly wrappers.  Preferably not with the kids beach toys.

Next turn it all over to get it "fluffy" to aerate the soil.  Try not to let the kids stand on it.  Give it a good hose down,

Sprinkle the grass seed over shaking through your colander to stop the seed clumping. 

Then stomp it all down. 
Give another good hosing.

And keep hosing regularly for the next couple of weeks.
Will keep you posted on whether this works!!!


  1. Good luck with that! I didn't realise grass grew so fast in Aus... Was ready lawn not an option? I love that you have turned it into a fun family activity :)

  2. My goal was least spend possible, so far non-existent grass has cost $16.00. If that fails, then Ready Lawn all the way!