Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Comfort Zone

I have just been reading a heated blog debate, which discussed at length and with some vitrol, the implications for bagging/naming people in your blogs, and the unchartered territory for many about blogging with integrity.  For those that have been with me for a while, you know I try and tread carefully but sometimes I just can't help myself (sorry Sister), I have great intentions, but sometimes the temptation for a bit of a laugh at someone's expense just get too much to hold back (once again sorry Sister and also apologies to the Man with a Hooh).  So with uptmost effort to be nice and nonjudgemental and well not nasty and cruel, I had a small experience today.  Gad, this sugar coating is going to make this hard. 
I'm at the shops and a lovely woman is serving me, there is music playing in the background, we're chatting and just as we're finishing up with whatever I am buying, she started singing to the song that was playing.  She had a beautiful voice, but her singing was loud and well, right in my face, literally.  I felt, hmmm, uncomfortable, sort of weird, and sort of like I wanted to cross my arms in a very obvious -this-is-making-me-uncomfortable gesture.  But I didn't.  I smiled, I think I may have nodded my head to the music every so slightly and I scampered.  Am I an old lady in an old lady's body now godammit.  She was just singing!  What next for me?  Getting undressed in the dark?

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  1. hahaha - I still love you Lisa. Wow, I stirred things up indeed. For ther record, it was the hypocrisy of the bloggers without makeup thing THEN doing the judging, moreso than the judging that fired me up.