Saturday, May 1, 2010


Today the lovely people who's house we are shifting into, let us back in for another look and a bit of a lesson on how to maintain the pool.  We're not friends exactly but know each other from school.  Pool Lessons For Dummies was going well, until the little guys, Rafe and Smith decided to come outside and join us.  And walked onto the grass in front of the pool that was covered with the owners dog poo.  (a recurring theme for me I know but WHAT THE?)  We screamed at them "Stop!!!!  Watch out for the dog poo!!!!!!" and carried on listening as the guy explained more about the pool and the boys tip toed across the grass attempting to avoid the poo.  But then Smith started howling.  And running, and kicking and screaming.  It was very dramatic!  As The Husband picked him up, he was crying so hard, he started doing this choking, coughing thing, that sounded ominously like retching.  "Uh oh" was the collective thought.  But then in a cascade of lunch, drinks and snacks, he puked all over The Husband.  "Shite", The Husband muttered, as the owner ran inside for paper towels and water, "and a plastic bag please?".  Smith had taken off running and still crying, and retching again.  The Husband was standing in his singlet.  (and no it wasn't a white bond underwear type of singlet, but still, it wasn't warm).  We were mortified and worried thinking spider bite, tummy bug... so we gathered the boys and pukey t-shirts and did a runner home.  During the drive home we asked Smith what had happened, when, after threats of being banished to his bedroom until he 'fessed up, he said "I stood on the dog poo".
That poo had better be gone by the time we shift in.  Ok, question to all you dog you let your dog crap all over your lawn, and if so, why?


  1. Haha! Poor little chap! Howwww embarrassing. But imagine asking someone over to look at your house knowing there was dog poo all over the lawn... My dad calls it 'turd detail' and surrounded as his house is by fields he used to use a wee shovel/trowel thing, pick the poo up and toss it over the hedge (woe betide the poor farmer passing by...). Bwahahahaha. Gee, I hope the pet poo shifts with them. (And I like the way you say 'shift' to mean 'move', as I would say.) Can you get a lawn equivalent of 'shake n vac'...

  2. Well yeah....of course one has to let one's dog poo on the lawn. What's the alternative? Put a nappy on him? Cork it up? Don't feed him?
    Must say though that it's pretty easy to get them to poo in the same discreet spot under bushes etc...if you're an onto it dog owner that is. (Clearly that was the one spot that Smith unfortunately discovered!!)