Monday, May 3, 2010

Wildlife No 9

You think you run a tight ship.  You think, "Sure there's room for improvement and perhaps I could mop the floors more often, but on the whole, in the cleanliness stakes, and especially as I do it all myself thanks to the GFC, I give myself an honest 8 out of 10".  You assume 8/10 is good enough.  And then you look behind the big TV unit thingee looking for the lost library books.  And you see the evidence. 

And you know then, in a heartbeat, that 8/10 isn't good enough.


  1. The evidence is always behind something....I never look!!!

  2. LOL - this is so me at the moment... although this week I would give myself a 4 or 5 out of ten as I've been dealing with our lovely council and our DA. At least I know the floors and bathrooms are clean... it's just the other crap that accumulates that's doing my head in!

    PS Very happy to have stumbled upon your blog - I love your writing style - very entertaining and I am looking forward to reading more.

  3. Oh hey Claire, welcome to my blog! If you want to read trivial fluff and self effacing nonsense, then look no further!

  4. hahahahaha evidence lurks everywhere, I choose to be blind to it, makes for a happier life! Parallels again !

    just catching up here, for some reason your updates don't show up on my bloggy thing?? Anyway loving the catch up...

  5. Gawd Sharni you know me, I'm a complete dufus when it comes to any technology with my blog, it's a wonder I've even got this far! I have no idea how to make updates show up. I'm guessing its something lurking in the depths of my blog that I've managed to screw up! Any suggestions appreciated?