Monday, May 24, 2010

Where is Lisa?

...well a week of shifting, unpacking, a small stint in hospital and a large chunk of time without internet as well as the very sad departure overseas of a dear friend in a few days has meant a hiatus from writing and (ahem) any form of Self Improvement whatsoever!  Enough excuses already!....

I'm back, and self improving.... stay tuned!  Thanks as always for your patience.  And those that know me (or who are getting to know me now) will know that when I don't write, it's usually that I've lost my writing mojo a bit.  Well it's not completely back but it's coming.  Got to keep it real for myself folks.  I've never been fab with change and I've had a bit lately.  All good now.

I'd kill for a clothes dryer though.  The one we have in storage in NZ is useless to me in this Sydney rain!

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