Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day 41

Is anyone else going banana's over Masterchef at the moment. It's like this 6 day a week sado-maschistic addiction I have at the moment.  I record it while doing the kids night time stuff and then settle down with it, and dinner, and the bored Husband who watches me watching Masterchef.  Yeah but this happens almost every sodding night.  I'm bored with it and I'm bored with myself watching it.  But...I...can't...stop!!!!
I'm hoping that we have only another few weeks of this before, for my sanities sake, the series finishes and we can go back to the normal routine of NCIS or whatever other programmes are on that I have absolutely no interest in.

But there are some leanings out of Masterchef, and one for me has been finding out that the silver platter thingee with a lid is called a "cloche".

So what is a cloche?

Funny enough it was hard to find any reference of the word "cloche" to food, and after much searching only in one random place did they describe it as a oblong cover for food in a restaurant.  Alternative uses for the word "cloche" are - a close fitting hat (nice, I luuurve these hats) or as a clear cover for protecting plants in the garden.

Hmmm, intriguing!

Post script!  Ha, just had an e-mail from the owner of a restaurant called La Cloche in Abjat, France.  Thanks for stopping by my blog Shaun, and my mistake, make that 4 meanings of the word cloche!

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