Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mummy Bloggers

OMG, once you start looking, you suddenly see them.  There is a sea, no, a tsunami of "mummy bloggers" out there.  They are all similar in that they are witty, write well and tend to be more technically sophisticated than myself (I know, I'm hearing you - that's not hard right!). 

Gad, where am I then?  I'm kinda not a "true" mummy blogger - ie. I think I bleet on more about myself than my kids, my kids are older than most Mummy Bloggers so I can't chat about breast feeding or cute toddler yarns, and I'm not "networked" I read only a couple of blogs, even though once I find a new one, I'm sorely tempted to start following it.  But goddamn, I just don't have the time.  I barely have enough time to blog, let alone Self Improve, let alone try and do income earning writing and create a career for myself before the pull back into the corporate world just gets too strong. 
I live. 

I find if I spend too much time in Blogville, I tend to get a bit doo-lally, a bit befuddled, a bit vague.  I'm more real when I peek in, ramble a way a bit and then get on.

I'm not sure if I'm doing myself a disservice.  There is a strong and useful network of mummy bloggers, it opens doors and opportunities, it provides a sense of community.  I think  that behind the scenes, many bloggers are trying to make a crust out of their writing or hope that their blogs are going to be "discovered" with a few mins of fame headed their way like Petite Anglaise who made a total packet from blogging about her disintegrating relationship, subsequent new ones and her daughter. Although I bet for every blogger hoping to make a buck, there is one just doing it because she loves to have a voice and something compelling to write about.  I don't think I'm either

Maybe I'm just intimidated by the quality of writing and the sheer volume of Mummy Bloggers. 

But I dunno...I think I'm ok, just mooching along.  Am I ok just mooching along?

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