Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Poor Kids

I'm in my element at the moment, inclement weather and rough seas (enough with the big wave stories right?).  Bear with me for a smidge more. 

On Thursday nights Rafe has a class thingee that runs from 5pm to 6pm.  It's a tough gig.  We tend to sit in the waiting room bored, waiting for him to finish.  It's too short a time to go anywhere meaningful and too long to sit with two restless children.  Last week while we waited Will completed his school speech while Smith had many drinks of water out of the water cooler.  Whatever it takes right.  Normally Will grumbles about waiting, or has asked a poor unwitting mother to have him for a playdate.  I normally placate him by an hour on his Nintendo DS.  And Smith normally spends all his time (when not drinking water) doing forward rolls. 
The pile of books and loot I dragged along, untouched.  It's one of those extra schooling kind of places so I really feel I need to make the effort and make it look like I am a parent who'll attempt to extend their child at every possible opportunity (IF I HAD A SPARE MOMENT!).  One of my proudest moments was when Smith, having memorised a complete set of Dragon books, "read" them loudly to me.  At least everyone thought he was a 4 year old child prodigy inbetween forward rolls.

But tonight, one child down and one half asleep, after dropping Rafe off, I thought, I'll attempt to lock in that sleep with a extended drive to the look at the waves in the dark and the rain. Yes!
But with Smith wide awake once we reached the beach, I suggested we pop out and take a look at the waves.  You got to love him for his enthusiasm. Even when I made him wait while I ran to the car to get my camera. 
Most other 4 year olds at 5.30pm on a wet, dark Thursday are probably warm and cozy having just had dinner.

What they don't know won't hurt right!

Post script:  My son isn't a mini-Michelin Man, that's just the wind puffing out his jacket and pants.

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