Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 41

We had brunch out on Sunday with some dear friends of ours. These guys are the sweetest, kindest and most thoughtful men.  Also they are mad keen on their food, so we were guaranteed a great foodie destination.  And so it was.  And the rest of Paddington agreed, who along with us were queuing out on the footpath for a table.  Except we unfortunately needed a table for 7.  Did I not mention we had the boys with us.  Just take a moment and visualise that.
Got it?
However albeit with a few footpath scuffles and a fair whack of moaning, and a retreat to the car to get water and crackers to tide the boys hunger, we finally got a seat.  The guys don't have young kids, so a good adult catch-up was the objective.  I'm not sure how our boys came into the picture but one (smallest, thinks he's a dinosaur), tried his best to stop that happening.  At one stage he was lying behind The Husband with his head in a lady's lap (or at least far too close to it).  I hissed at the husband who without missing a beat of the conversation, removed the child, who then did a dinosaur roar at us all (with a mouthful of banana bread).  Did I mention he's going to school next year?  Were we having fun?  Well actually yes, because sometimes you just have to laugh at the absurdity of it all, and suck it up thinking, "I could make this worse by making a scene or I could keep chatting and thoroughly enjoy my roasted pumpkin, caramelized onion and blue cheese panini".  Which is what we did.

Our friends are about to head off on an overseas trip, Spain in an apartment in Madrid for a month followed by another month jetting around Europe.  Whenever they are away they always bring me back chocolates from wherever they've been.  And as they've just recently got back from Kazakhstan (I'm hearing you, it's a good life), they brought me back some chocolates from Kazakhstan (which we all ate in the car on the way home as a reward for our boys excellent behaviour in a challenging situation).  We had some general chitchat about Kazakhstan where they told us, amongst other interesting Kazakhstan tit bits, that the apple came from there.  "Are you sure?  What about Adam and Eve and all that?"  Nope, all true, apparently.

So where did the apple come from?

The apple tree is believed to be the oldest cultivated trees in the world, however, its exact origin is not known. Some historians believe that apple trees were first planted and cultivated by the Romans, and that the fruit's origin can be traced to South Western Asia. While on the other hand, some believe that apples originated in Kazakhstan in South Central Asia. Close enough?  I reckon!

And isn't this a sign of the times, that when I google "apple", the fruit isn't the first thing to pop up. 

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