Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 42

Is it weird to ask my 6 year old to get a renewal on his school library book because I'm enjoying it so much?  Rafe got out this fab book called Whittakers Book of Facts and for the last week it's been a tussle between Will, Rafe and me for the book.  The Husband even got pulled in this morning with a last minute trivia question before he headed for work.  Probably a good thing it's got to go back though because I could get a smidge sloppy in my quest for Self Improvement. I'm sure my brief to myself wasn't turn a page and find out something new or interesting.  I think I need to stretch beyond my child's library book.

However, as it IS going back tomorrow, I think I can get away with a lazy Self Improvement fact.  It's a bit of a sad one though.

What was the World's Worst Rail Disaster?

At Telwatta, Sri Lanka, on 26 December, 2004, the heavily crowded Queen of the Sea train was struck by the Indian Ocean tsunami.  The exact number killed is unknown but is estimated to be between 1,700 and 2000.

I'd never heard about that.  Incredible.

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