Tuesday, June 8, 2010


In the last 24 hours I have been directed to and stumbled across two very different and very inspirational blogs.  Delissimon is a very brave, raw and personal journey as the blogger, Monica, becomes the subject matter of her blog, which was originally intended to be about baking and cupcakes.  She has breast cancer and she is sharing her experiences as she confronts and attacks it.  It is a powerful and humbling read and I challenge any of you not to be moved by it (nor to do a breast self examination). 

Another blog, Good-yeah is a different battle,  It is a mothers journey through the tragic loss and grieving for her eldest son Sam.  Her grief is raw and heart breaking, and this is her tribute to her son and a way of remembering him.

Stop by and take a visit.  Take a moment.

They makes my fluff and nonsense that I write about seem so irrelevant and foolish. 

But I do feel deeply grateful that silly stuff is all I have to write about.

Thank you for sharing, Monica and Mel.


  1. I wanted to just tick the 'cool' box but it doesn't really cover it. Thanks for sharing that Lise. And your blogs are not 'foolish' - you are just as amazing. Keep it up:)

  2. Thanks Lisa for reading my blog and for the mention. Its funny how we type this stuff up and its a great release...then you realise people actually read it?
    I love the blogosphere.