Thursday, July 22, 2010

Things you shouldn't do. No 1

I know I've already mentioned my addictive tendencies and the way I eat/do/whatever one particular thing to death, until I can no longer bear the thought of ever doing/.eating/whatever'ing it again.

I'm notorious with food.  Drives The Husband bananas.  Not that I DO it, but rather that I TALK about it ie.  "I am sooooo over tomato on toast for lunch, I can't face it ever again, no more tomato on toast ever, tomorrow will be something new, don't ever let me eat another tomato, ok?".
You can understand how I can get a little tiresome.

I had a stint with coleslaw a while ago - coleslaw (no dressing), tuna, fresh squeeze of orange juice and a little sweet chili sauce, mushed together then rolled in a wrap.  Blimmin delish.
Problem was....5-6 hours later.  You with me?
And seriously you can't keep doing that to your body on a daily basis.  Because there can be a situation, problem, catastrophe, ummm....a buildup.
A similar thing happened with my 16 year old nephew who one day decided to eat a whole box of sultana bran in one sitting.  Like I said there are just some things you shouldn't do to your body.

So why did I decide it was a good idea to eat 1/4 of a cabbage for lunch.  That's just simply something you shouldn't do.  Ever.

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