Thursday, July 22, 2010

Where do you all go?

Is it a Friday thing?  Am I just a Monday to Thurs gig, coz if so, I'm cool with that, god knows I leave you often enough.  I've got one of those visit counter'y thingees so i can see how many peeps have visited my blog (numbers only, don't worry, you're still all very anonymous).  It  makes me feel hmmm, purposeful if I see that I'm not just writing for myself as an audience of one.  Monday to Thursday are just dandy, hello blog!  Friday, I think you're thinking, enough, I'm over her, what takeout should we have for dinner...
Come Saturday and Sunday...ghost town.  And fair enough.  Get out there, move away from the computer, get some fresh air, throw back your arms and drink in that fresh air, do canteen duty at soccer for 2 1/2 hours, put the old tyre under the house, pick up kids playdates, drop off kids playdates, wipe the bench, wipe the bench again, clean the loos, mop some floors, go running, pop some wine in the fridge for later, watch the Husband reading the papers, label all your spare electrical cords and put them somewhere you'll actually find them next time, try not to put too much butter on your toast, get out there....

Actually, reading my blog does sound kinda appealing.

Happy weekend y'all!
Post script:  the image above should have large men feet, not small girl feet, coz small girl feet NEVER get to put themselves up on sofa's in my neck of the woods.  Size 10 men feet to be more exact.

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