Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 55

What's with the complete lack of self improvement?  This posting a self improvement "day" once a week is going to make for a blimmin long "year".  Righto, back to it with gusto.  I've got a few things on the boil which have actually required me to do some ahem "real" writing rather than fun writing, so apologies again!  And getting the ball rolling is always a bit slow, so I'll resort to an ole fave....the Saturday Herald quiz.  I totally reckon The Husband rigged this weeks quiz by checking out the answers while I wasn't there, he conveniently knew a few too many answers that he claimed surprise when he got it them correct.  Like how would he know that the Manx cat originated in the Isle of Man, whereas my incorrect answer of Madagascar, which have been a much more logical choice for him to piggy back on like he normally does. Anyhooo, one of the questions was "The tourist attraction Wilpena Pound is in which state or territory?".  I know I've only lived in Australia for about 3 minutes and you're all nodding your head as if I've just asked where the Sydney Opera House is, but seriously, is anyone else visualising a large cluster of sewage ponds or an old run down dog pound full of yapping mongrels, surrounded by barbed wire in the Outback somewhere, or is it just me?

What is the Wilpena Pound?

Situated in the Flinders Ranges lies Wilpena Pound, a natural amphitheatre of mountain, 17km long and 7km wide and located 429 kilometres north of Adelaide. Shaped by the weathering and uplifting of land over time, this place has strong significance to the indigenous Adnyamathanha people. The closest town to the north is Blinman and to the south, Hawker.

And not a dog in sight.

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