Tuesday, August 3, 2010


We all know about "man flu", but I think, in my house, we need another name for when my "man" is trying to not to get whatever illness I have and he goes to great obvious and secretive steps to avoid it.  Symptoms of this could be:

  1. No physical contact.  At all.  (which means if you are sick and actually feel like a hug, you need to go to the kids - Husband, nah, no interest, maybe a gentle pat on the leg.  At arm's length)
  2. Pillow as far across the king sized bed as possible.  He's literally hanging of the edge of the bed, then gives you The look, as if to say "you need to do the same".
  3. Toothbrush quietly removed from communal toothpaste holder and put in his bathroom cubboard
  4. And the best....hand clasped to his mouth and nose when I attempt to go within the 1 metre "No Go" zone surrounding him.

Geez, it's just a head cold, albeit a snotty, grotty one!

Anyone else have any symptoms to add to the list?

1 comment:

  1. OMG Sister,
    That photo of the man sneezing is just gross !!!
    We'll make a great pair this weekend - I have a " cough "
    A stupid tickle in the back of the throat which requires 10 minutes of serious hacking to get it to go away. I'm really dreading the 2 hrs + plane ride & pity the poor person who gets to sit beside me !!